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Love + Higher Ed

“What is college? Stop going until we figure it out!”  John Mulaney was joking when he said this, but was he really? Because what is college, but a group of 20 somethings sharing YMCA-style communal living spaces and all of their secrets. College is the trophy we are awarded for finishing high school: the mostContinue reading “Love + Higher Ed”


Hey everyone!! New Beginnings Blog has a *newish* Twitter account! Follow @abigailjmurphy on Twitter for updates on my articles and other exciting sh*t! As always…New Beginnings are possible -Abigail

Adele in 2021 Vision

Let me set the scene, the year is 2010, I’m riding to school in the car with my mom. I’m a fifth grader probably wearing an Abercrombie Kids graphic tee and sporting a purple feather from Ellie Rogers’ 9th birthday in my hair. My mom turns on Kiss 108 Boston’s premier top 40 FM radioContinue reading “Adele in 2021 Vision”

21 Lessons For 21 Years

On October 20, 2021 I turned 21 years old. The legal drinking age. The year some say one “really becomes an adult.” Has my life changed since turning the big 21, not really. However, I did spend $57 on Kendall Jenner branded tequila.  Last year I wrote one of these to my younger self. AContinue reading “21 Lessons For 21 Years”


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