By: Abigail J. Murphy

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Adele in 2021 Vision

Let me set the scene, the year is 2010, I’m riding to school in the car with my mom. I’m a fifth grader probably wearing an Abercrombie Kids graphic tee and sporting a purple feather from Ellie Rogers’ 9th birthday in my hair. My mom turns on Kiss 108 Boston’s premier top 40 FM radioContinue reading “Adele in 2021 Vision”

Why “New Beginnings?”

Homecoming (noun): a return home or an annual alumni celebration at a high school or college. I recently experienced a “homecoming.” However, my version wasn’t planned and certainly did not involve queens, kings, punch, and handmade parade floats. My homecoming was abrupt. The year was 2020 (maybe you’ve heard of it?).  March 9, 2020 toContinue reading “Why “New Beginnings?””


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