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Outlook Reminders: An Elephant May Never Forget but I Sure Do


You’re probably wondering what Outlook Reminder has to do with chronic pain. You are not alone; several years ago I would have as well.  When you’ve dealt with chronic pain for many years, between the pain meds and the stress of the pain itself, it can leave you in a state of forgetfulness and confusion. A sort of ‘brain fog’. You’re constantly forgetting things like “Did I take my 5 ibuprofen this morning or not? I forgot butter again! I don’t know what he’s talking about- I swear he never said anything about the family get together this weekend! Did I turn the iron off? Oh my God?! Did I feed the cats? I don’t think I fed the cats!” And that can be in just a 5 minute period! Trust me, you do not want to take 10 ibuprofen in an hour period.

Being so stressed out and muddled can be dangerous. Most people don’t realize how much chronic pain and illness can effect your life. That’s why it is so important to keep on top of any medication you may be taking. And it’s also one of the reasons Outlook Reminder is my new best friend and personal assistant. It helps keep me on track of any medications that I am currently taking. It also helps to remind me to take my herbal supplements for my menopause symptoms. A missed dose of those and our home can go from the place you want to be to the place you do NOT want to be! Outlook Reminder definitely keeps me in line.

Another great thing about Outlook Reminder is you can set reminders up to pay your bills on time. I used to never forget when my bills were due- I knew exactly when they were going to be late! It’s gotten to the point now though that I’ll be sitting there on my  old heating pad and it’ll hit me out of nowhere,  “The electric was due 4 days ago!!!” And when you’re hurting, you need that electricity on for your heating pad! Since I started using the Outlook Reminder I haven’t had a missed bill in months (unless it’s intentional lol).

Lastly, it helps with the other day to day details as well. I have a reminder set up in my phone for the first of the month so I can remind Mr. C to check the fluids in the cars. There are also other reminders for birthdays, holiday functions, items to grab from the grocery store, water the plants, brush the cats, etc…Outlook Reminder has really become a life line for me.

If you aren’t using it and you have problems like I do with forgetting everything, I encourage you to take advantage of this free tool. It doesn’t cost a thing and you’ll notice a change in the quality of your life in no time.

Peace and blessings,



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