Why “New Beginnings?”

Homecoming (noun): a return home or an annual alumni celebration at a high school or college. I recently experienced a “homecoming.” However, my version wasn’t planned and certainly did not involve queens, kings, punch, and handmade parade floats. My homecoming was abrupt. The year was 2020 (maybe you’ve heard of it?).  March 9, 2020 to be exact. I was having a disgusting Monday. It was freezing cold and cloudy in Colchester, Vermont. My mouth tasted of chicken patties and stale peppermint tea as I walked to my 11am statistics class. I had just returned from Montreal, Canada and was feeling supremely lost at school. It seemed like everyone around me was having the time of their lives. Partying, posting on social media…partying for an excuse to post. I felt like everyone had great friends and everyone was having fun except for me. For the last couple of weeks, there were rumors about a certain contagious virus sweeping China and parts of Europe. It was that very Monday, on my rainy walk to class, that I first heard about cases in the United States. 


Within two days, my college would be closed. My mom rushed to Vermont to help me pack up my tiny dorm room, unsure if I would return to campus in five weeks as planned. News flash, I didn’t. I remained home for the remainder of the spring semester. We were all isolated, forced to learn Zoom: the communication vessel of our discontent. My Monday morning stats class looked less like a class and more like the Brady Bunch opening theme, tiny people in tiny boxes stacked on a screen. 

Amidst all of the chaos, I felt a strange sense of relief. I was free from a situation that was making me miserable. I went for walks with my parents, instead of alone. I ate delicious home cooked food, instead of cold chicken patties. I slowly began to rebuild my life. Surprisingly enough, I began to appreciate my “homecoming.” During that difficult time, I found my voice, and I began to write my thoughts down. 

Since March 2020, I’ve had countless new beginnings. New school, new friends, and a new way of looking at the old stuff. New Beginnings Blog is a combination of creativity, passion, and healing. My words and thoughts live here for your eyes and brains to enjoy. 

New Beginnings (big and small) are possible. My writing reflects that. If your life feels like a rainy walk to statistics class right now, my heart is with you. 

Begin a new chapter or an entirely new book..

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