My Mind Is A Low Budget Film Maker

Most days of the week I am grateful that I’m not a psychologist. I have no interest in understanding the inner workings of my own brain, which is why I pay my therapist to do it all for me. However, I have always been interested in dreams. Why do we dream? What does this dream mean? Why is my brain directing movies in my head?

My brain’s movies are indie and low budget for sure. The messages are convoluted, which makes them even more exciting to investigate. I have spent entire therapy sessions trying to understand what my dreams mean. I am often unsuccessful. The plots simply do not make sense.

I once dreamt that I was on a tropical vacation with my family. Unfortunately, the island was engulfed by a tsunami. Did I mention the ocean was made of melted chocolate? The only humans on the island were my family because everyone else was a life size gummy bear. This story only gets worse, so I will spare you the details. Just know, the ending was actually happy. My family was safe along with many of our gummy bear friends!

Do all of my dreams end happily? Of course not. My most vivid dreams are anxiety dreams. Anxiety Dreams are defined (on Wikipedia) as unpleasant dreams that are often more distressing than nightmares. The feelings of anxiety from the dream often remain in your mind throughout the day. My anxiety dreams typically accompany REAL situations in my life. 

You might be thinking..what the hell am I supposed to do with my own anxiety dreams? I am wading into the pool of my subconscious and I don’t know how to swim!! Also, why am I wearing this bikini when I don’t have a tan?? 

Regretfully, I must tell you that anxiety dreams don’t just go away when your waking hours make you anxious. One thing that has helped me is going to bed while listening to a podcast or audio book. When I implement this extra step into my routine, I fall asleep with a distraction. I dream about the podcast or book. 

Does this strategy always work? Of course not. My brain just makes really shitty student films. 

Also, Mr. Big is dead…so now I will never purchase a Peloton.  

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