Dealing with rejection like Pete Davidson

Creative people beware! This business is not for the faint of heart! Writers should anticipate a lot of rejection! 

If I hear one more warning about this industry I’m gonna move to Palm Springs and become a professional lounge by the pool girl. I’m gonna live on Vitamin D and spicy margs.

Like c’mon! As scary as this business is…it’s fun right? Even though I’ve written plenty of articles, it’s still terrifying to press submit. Sometimes I question where the hell my ambition comes from? Why do I keep taking risks even though there’s no guarantee?

Then I think about Pete Davidson. Our ‘resident young person’ on SNL. The king of Staten Island. He’s a funny guy!! I went to his live show in 2018 and had a great time! His humor is filthy and self deprecating. Sure he’s a great comedian, but he’s not physically attractive by most standards.

AND YET…have you seen the beautiful celebrities he dates?? This man is out here taking risks for all of us. Pete has dated Ariana Grande and that girl from Bridgerton who looks like she nurses baby squirrels back to health. Presently, he scored Kim Kardashian fresh off her divorce. Pete Davidson keeps dating beautiful and successful women.

However, we have only seen his success stories in the media. We don’t read: “Breaking news: resident SNL drug user Pete Davidson gets rejected on Tinder by 35 women each week!”

We only get the highlight reel. So when I submit 15 articles and 2 get chosen, I’m basically Pete Davidson.

I’m going to keep taking risks because the good articles will be chosen. Not every piece will be a winner. Similarly, not every million dollar socialite returns Pete’s calls.

We just wake up and keep trying 🙂

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