Welcome friends-

I’m Kris Cummings and I’m excited to have you join us as my family and I start this new chapter in our lives! In the hustle and bustle of everyday life it’s easy to lose ourselves and not take care of our bodies, souls, and minds the way that God intended. So much more so when you are battling chronic pain or illness. Most of us start out with a good supply of reserves when stressors attack but when your storehouses are already depleted it can really wreak havoc on you and have a lot of adverse effects. It can be extremely difficult to pull out of the downward spiral.
And that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you, what I do to make life a little more bearable. I am someone who knows what true financial struggle is so I completely understand how it feels when you don’t have health insurance or you do have insurance but can’t afford the office visit co-pay. Actually more often that not, I haven’t had money for doctor’s visits so this has left me with having to get creative when dealing with my pain. And I want to share those tips with you.
For the past year I have been incorporating different natural healing methods into my path to wellness. I’ll let you know what has worked for me and what hasn’t and I’m hoping that you will also share your techniques with the rest of us. I truly believe that knowledge is power!
I’m also hoping that along the way this will be the place you come to when you’re feeling down, overwhelmed, exhausted, or just ready to give up. I firmly believe in the power of love and that includes the act of encouragement. In this modern society where all too often we see people tearing each other down, I hope this will be the place where new friendships are forged and we will become the building blocks for one another so that we can find a new place filled with hope and acceptance and healing. I hope you’ll stick around.
Peace and blessings,