Nail Art Investments as a 20-something “with a plan” 

No one wrote the roadmap for 20-23 years of age. So, there are essentially no rules. Every post-adolescent I know walks around like they were just released from house arrest. The beeping ankle bracelet is off and we are allowed to walk to Starbucks (way too often) because who the hell is gonna stop us?Continue reading “Nail Art Investments as a 20-something “with a plan” “

Dealing with rejection like Pete Davidson

Creative people beware! This business is not for the faint of heart! Writers should anticipate a lot of rejection!  If I hear one more warning about this industry I’m gonna move to Palm Springs and become a professional lounge by the pool girl. I’m gonna live on Vitamin D and spicy margs. Like c’mon! AsContinue reading “Dealing with rejection like Pete Davidson”

“You Will Be Found”…Missing Live Theatre

Dear Evan Hansen, rose to fame on Broadway, with some viewers finding it via bootlegs on Youtube. Regardless, audiences have all been captivated by the music, the once in a lifetime talent of Ben Platt, and the story that motivated millions to keep going when life felt unbearable. The show that captivated audiences around theContinue reading ““You Will Be Found”…Missing Live Theatre”

Why “New Beginnings?”

Homecoming (noun): a return home or an annual alumni celebration at a high school or college. I recently experienced a “homecoming.” However, my version wasn’t planned and certainly did not involve queens, kings, punch, and handmade parade floats. My homecoming was abrupt. The year was 2020 (maybe you’ve heard of it?).  March 9, 2020 toContinue reading “Why “New Beginnings?””