The year writing healed me aka where to next?

Two years ago, my life felt like the last 30 minutes of Titanic. I was a young woman, navigating a new place. My luxury cruise was a college experience miles away from home. Like young Kate Winslet, I was promised a fabulous, new life. Neither of us expected to be thrown off course into freezingContinue reading “The year writing healed me aka where to next?”

Hell is a Sake Bomb: a short, true story

I simply adore crab rangoon. The Chinese food equivalent of chips & dip. I could eat my weight in Chinese food as a child. But crab rangoon was always my favorite. Three weeks ago, my friends Chloe, Eva, and I had a craving for all things crab rangoon related. We decided on a Chinese foodContinue reading “Hell is a Sake Bomb: a short, true story”

Nail Art Investments as a 20-something “with a plan” 

No one wrote the roadmap for 20-23 years of age. So, there are essentially no rules. Every post-adolescent I know walks around like they were just released from house arrest. The beeping ankle bracelet is off and we are allowed to walk to Starbucks (way too often) because who the hell is gonna stop us?Continue reading “Nail Art Investments as a 20-something “with a plan” “

Dealing with rejection like Pete Davidson

Creative people beware! This business is not for the faint of heart! Writers should anticipate a lot of rejection!  If I hear one more warning about this industry I’m gonna move to Palm Springs and become a professional lounge by the pool girl. I’m gonna live on Vitamin D and spicy margs. Like c’mon! AsContinue reading “Dealing with rejection like Pete Davidson”