“You Will Be Found”…Missing Live Theatre

Dear Evan Hansen, rose to fame on Broadway, with some viewers finding it via bootlegs on Youtube. Regardless, audiences have all been captivated by the music, the once in a lifetime talent of Ben Platt, and the story that motivated millions to keep going when life felt unbearable. The show that captivated audiences around theContinue reading ““You Will Be Found”…Missing Live Theatre”

Why “New Beginnings?”

Homecoming (noun): a return home or an annual alumni celebration at a high school or college. I recently experienced a “homecoming.” However, my version wasn’t planned and certainly did not involve queens, kings, punch, and handmade parade floats. My homecoming was abrupt. The year was 2020 (maybe you’ve heard of it?).  March 9, 2020 toContinue reading “Why “New Beginnings?””

Hoop Earrings: Power Through History (July 2021)

Hoops are more than just earrings. They’re a symbol of inner strength and confidence. Hoops can transform one’s mood for the better. Suddenly a simple tee shirt and jeans can turn into a fabulous expression of style. I couldn’t help but wonder, What gives hoops their power? Is it their rich history? Or is itContinue reading “Hoop Earrings: Power Through History (July 2021)”

That Really Good Playlist (April 2020)

I recently read a New York Times article titled, “How to Make the Perfect Playlist.” The writer Tyler Hayes began the piece by stating, “Life is just one playlist away from being perfectly soundtracked.” I absolutely agree. Music can turn any situation into a memorable one. I often remember times in my life based onContinue reading “That Really Good Playlist (April 2020)”

Must Watch: Schitt’s Creek (October 2020)

I’m sure many of you saw the headline, “Schitt’s Creek Sweeps 2020 Emmys!” This lesser known Canadian sitcom won every comedy category, including Best Comedy Series. I don’t typically follow television and movie trends. People are shocked when I say I haven’t seen Game of Thrones or Stranger Things. I have never seen Forrest GumpContinue reading “Must Watch: Schitt’s Creek (October 2020)”

Hannah Montana’s 44 Year Old Brother and Other Musings (March 2021)

I recently learned that Jason Earles is 44 years old. Jason Earles is the actor who played Miley/Hannah’s brother Jackson on Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana premiered on Disney Channel in 2006. This means that Jason Earles was a 28 year old man playing a 16 year old kid for money. Not to mention, he hadContinue reading “Hannah Montana’s 44 Year Old Brother and Other Musings (March 2021)”

Fierce Femininity (March 2021)

When someone says the word ‘feminine’ to you, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you think of makeup? High heels? Dolly Parton’s illustrious career? Well, what if I told you that all of those answers are right and all of those answers are wrong…This is because femininity cannot be definedContinue reading “Fierce Femininity (March 2021)”

Must Watch: Demi Lovato, Dancing with the Devil (April 2021)

Content Advisory Warning: This article contains language regarding substance abuse and addiction. “FYI, I’m just gonna say it all.” These were the first words uttered by singer-songwriter Demi Lovato in their four part documentary series, Dancing With The Devil. To the viewer, it seemed like Demi held nothing back. I have chills thinking about whatContinue reading “Must Watch: Demi Lovato, Dancing with the Devil (April 2021)”

Navigating “Social Distancing” (March 2020)

COVID-19 is obviously terrifying.  There are endless unanswered questions. In the attempt to keep the virus from rapidly spreading, the CDC has encouraged us all to practice “social distancing.” This means limiting our social interaction by staying home and not going to see people. What a heartbreaking time for this madness! We have all justContinue reading “Navigating “Social Distancing” (March 2020)”